Small Business Expo 09-10-11 February 2021

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The inaugural virtual Small Business Expo.(SBE) and the Small Business Connections Forum (SBC) will be presented on the 09,10,11 Feb 2021

About this Event

Small Business Expo provides a virtual opportunity for the small business sector to connect with over seventy exhibitors from Government Agencies, Industry Associations, Chambers of Commerce, brand partners and exhibitors from all industry sectors.

Small Business Expo is a major business-to-business event. Our mission to help small and medium businesses to engage, connect and grow. Recognising the many challenges that SMEs face from increased competition, the ability to adapt to rapidly changing market demand, technological change, and capacity constraints relating to resources, knowledge, innovation, and creativity.

Small Business Expo serves as a platform for SMEs to showcase products and services, network, forge new business opportunities, survive and succeed.

Cash-flow and ongoing funding options, effective marketing initiatives, health and wellness issues, cyber security, staff incentives and HR, technology & IT and engaging with government, are some of the focus at Small Business Expo.

Small Business Expo provides new and innovative ideas, to manage and grow business, across all industry sectors as well as “Connecting business across Australia”

As business embraces the new norm, and realigns with the challenges of covid-19, the demands on business owners to embrace and engage effective strategies today, are critical.

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